What Are Gaskets? Here's What You Should Know

You have probably heard about the term gaskets when it comes to your vehicle. However, you may not have a clear understanding of what these important parts of your vehicle do. Here is what you should know about gaskets.

A gasket is a series of protective covers throughout the vehicle's engine bay. These covers protect various liquids from mixing with each other. Gaskets are made of up thin layers of various metals including copper and steel. While gaskets are designed to last a long time, they will eventually deteriorate. If you do not replace a deteriorated gasket, small holes will begin to develop on the gasket's surface. This can lead to liquids escaping into the engine and other mechanical parts of the engine. The worst-case scenario is that you can have a blown gasket, inoperable car, and major repair bills.

At Capitol City Kia in Montpelier, VT, we can have a licensed repair tech inspect your vehicle's gaskets. Stop by and have us check your vehicle to prevent any costly gasket damage today.

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