How Backup Cameras Work

Your safety is very important to us at Capitol City Kia, and backup cameras play an important role in keeping you as safe as possible when you’re out. Effective in 2018, all vehicles under 10,000 pounds are required to have backup cameras installed. What to learn how they operate? Stop and see us to get the scoop on the importance of having a backup camera.

Backup cameras act as your eyes when you’re backing up your vehicle. You can only see so much in your rearview mirror, so backup cameras help you be aware of surrounding in your rear. They’re attached to the rear part of your vehicle and capture things behind you as soon as your vehicle is in reverse. They send the images to a monitor that’s right in front of you.

Stop at our dealership in Montpelier to check out our huge selection of vehicles. We’ll help you take a vehicle out for a test drive and show you how backup cameras work.



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