Signs Your Fuel System May Need Servicing

We all know what gas or fuel does for our car and that if we don’t have gas in the car, the car won’t run. What many drivers don’t understand is how the fuel system actually works or how having a fully operating fuel system is every bit as important as having fuel in the tank. At Capitol City Kia, we want you to be able to identify when your fuel system is not working as it should.

Here are some signs your fuel system may need work.
• Temperature gauge is higher than normal.
• The engine sputters when you’re driving at a high speed.
• Car loses power when extra power is needed.
• Engine doesn’t start.
• Decrease in fuel economy.

If your fuel system is displaying signs that it may need work, or you would just like to have it checked out, stop and our shop in Montpelier and let us service your vehicle.



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