Winter Tires vs. All-Season Tires: Which One Should You Choose?

During the cold season and your automobile maintenance, choosing the best selection of tires is often questionable. You have your choice of dedicated winter tires, which are optimal for cold conditions, or a selection of all-season tires which are optimal for driving during all seasons. Below we at Capitol City Kia provide tips to compare between the two, in order to help those that are on the fence regarding which type to purchase for your driving needs.

One important feature is the tread patterns of the tires. Looking at winter tires, the tread pattern is significantly more complicated than other tire types. The tread is designed to evacuate water and slush, and it also has deep grooves. These deep grooves can help hold impacted snow. In comparison, all-season tires have a combination of tread benefits for both winter and summer conditions. For snowy conditions, you've got sipes on the inside of the all-season tire which helps improve traction when traction isn't quite as high.

In the winter you can use a dedicated winter tire to make sure that you’ve always got a good grip if there's snow and ice outside in places like Montpelier. However, with this choice it is optimal to switch to summer tires in warmer and dryer conditions. Whereas if you live in an area which you know doesn't see winter conditions all that often, but does occasionally have some light snow, then something like an all-season tire could be a solid choice.


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