What Are The Belts And Hoses in Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is a complex feat of engineering that when well maintained can run for countless miles. One of the biggest maintenance items for your vehicle are the belts and hoses. These can be broken down into three groups. Timing belts, serpentine belts, and coolant hoses. They each do a separate but important job.

Coolant hoses carry antifreeze thought the cooling system, allowing your vehicle to run nice and cool, even on the hottest days in Montpelier, VT. The cooling system is mostly comprised of the radiator and the heater core. The timing belt keeps your engine synchronized and is run between the camshaft and the crankshaft. The serpentine belts transfer power from the crankshaft to the engine accessories like the AC condenser and the power steering pump.

All of these belts and hoses are vital to the performance of your vehicle. If you hear any squealing or you can see the belts fraying, you should get your vehicle serviced at Capitol City Kia.

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