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Car Repair for Barre - Montpelier, VT Drivers

If you are looking for a car repair shop near in the Barre - Montpelier area then come to Capitol City Kia! Our Kia certified mechanics are ready to work on your vehicle, whether it is Kia, or anything else! We're dedicated to completing auto repairs quickly and correctly because the reliability of your car is a BIG Deal! The links below will help you get to the right place on our website but, you should always feel free to schedule an appointment or give us a call!

Repairs that require a professional

Most repairs for your car or truck should be done by a professional these day. There is a lot of new technology that requires special computers to diagnose and solve problems and, you'd hate to void your warranty. Below you'll find some common repairs that every vehicle will need at some point in their lifetime to keep your car running efficiently. At Capitol City Kia we encourage you to schedule your repairs ahead of time if possible. Give us a call or schedule a service appointment today!

What car repairs can I do myself?

There are some common car repairs you can do yourself that will save you a couple bucks on labor costs. Other repairs may require specialty tools and the skills of a trained mechanic. Depending on what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive you may be able to just order parts and accessories from our parts department or schedule your repairs with our Service Department. 


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